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Our entire team at Royal Dental Care is proud to announce that we are mercury-free office - all our fillings even the molar and premolar teeth receive tooth colored fillings. The improvements in dental adhesives and better nano-composites allow these beautiful fillings to be as long lasting as the silver colored precursors.

Amalgam Free FillingsThe greatest advantage is of course esthetics, but there is a health concern as silver fillings do contain Mercury. Most researchers say that the amount of the toxin is so minute that it has no effect on the health of the adult human. There is an increased push to eliminate the silver fillings altogether as Mercury-containing fillings have been banned in most European countries. Besides toxicity the dark fillings create another problem that has been increasingly common - tooth fracture due to physical characteristics of metal which expands and contracts with temperature changes. Teeth with large silver fillings almost always have cracks in the enamel - the outer structure of the tooth. Often the only solution to the problem is to place a crown over the tooth to prevent it from further fracture and possible complete loss of the tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I had some old fillings removed and replaced by white fillings. My teeth were fine before and now they are very sensitive. Why?
A: Any time a dentist drills a tooth he causes trauma to the living portion of the tooth - the nerve. When an existing filling is deep and close to the nerve the injury is greater and longer lasting. With the newer materials the post-operative sensitivity is minimized but never eliminated. If the minor discomfort persist for more than couple of weeks call the office 847-885-7645 to set up a follow-up visit. In some cases a root canal treatment may be necessary to eliminate the pain.

Q: Are tooth colored fillings covered by insurance?
A: Tooth colored fillings are covered according to your insurance plan provisions and you should request details from your insurance company. Most dental plans give provisions for silver fillings on back teeth and request that patients pay a small difference between silver and "white" filling. As with all insurance companies there are complex plan limits and exclusions that may apply. Please call our office 847-885-7645 and provide your insurance information prior to the consultation visit - that allow our team to answer any insurance related questions you may have at the consultation visit.

Q: Why do I get cavities under the fillings?
A: Most cavities occur as a result of poor diet that is carbohydrate (i.e. sugars) heavy, and poor oral hygiene. There are some other factors; for example most prescription medications cause dry mouth - with no saliva to wash the teeth and dilute the effect of sugars - the teeth are more prone to recurrent cavities. Some medical conditions such as Sjorgen's syndrome, and diabetes also reduce body's ability to naturally protect teeth from cavities.


Q: How long do fillings last?
A: As a general rule; the smaller the cavity the longer-lasting the filling will be. It is not unusual for some conservative fillings to last for up to 15 years. Most researchers state that "average" molar filling may last 3-5 years. Some dental insurance data indicates even shorter life span of molar fillings. As with any dental materials there are multiple variables that may shorten the longevity of a filling; tooth grinding and clenching, very poor hygiene, and "sugary" diet all play a role.

Q: What can I do to have long lasting fillings?
A: All our fillings are under 2 year limited warranty (warranty information can be found in our "member" information) BUT prevention is the key - have your teeth check every 6 months or more frequently if you have any predisposing conditions mentioned above. Call our office 847-885-7645 to schedule appointment now and mention "cavities" when scheduling appointment to receive one time complementary fluoride application. Due to limited number of appointments available please call NOW to reserve your spot before someone else does it.

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