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You must have heard of Lumineers, they have been featured in multiple media campaigns. Durathins are their younger and better looking sibling. Yes they are veneers too, but the biggest difference between these brands and the non-branded veneers is the fact that in most cases we do not grind the tooth.

What this means is you get to keep your untouched teeth, you can have a smile transformation you always wanted, and there is no need for needles-no numbing necessary to complete the appointment-PERIOD!!!

The esthetics have greatly improved with the emergence of Durathin brand on the market-in addition the brand offers the longest porcelain warranty-eight years-that why at Royal Dental Care we are certified to offer both these veneer options to our patients.

No Prep Veneers
For more information and photos please visit http://durathin.com/about

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you place a veneer on a tooth that has a filling?
A: As a guideline the veneers should be placed on healthy teeth that do not have extensive restorations. If there are minor fillings present and the patient does not have extensive cavity history then a veneer can be placed on such tooth. It is best to obtain a thorough examination including comprehensive x-rays to determine the proper treatment. We want to protect your investment and will provide the best and longest lasting solution available today.

Q: Do you have to grind my teeth to place veneers
A: For more information please read the "no preparation necessary veneer" tab

Q: How long do veneers last?
A: Longevity of veneers depends on multiple factors-the most important is patient's hygiene. Proper care is a must when any restorations are present. Another important factor is patient's habits; in nowadays stressful world most patients present with tooth grinding or clenching teeth usually at night. The more problems patient faces, the more prone to fractures the veneer can be. Solution as simple as a silicone night guard may be recommended

Q: What's the difference between bonding and veneers?
A: The "bonding"-composite veneers are placed on the teeth and formed by hand by the dentist directly on the tooth, porcelain veneers are made outside of the mouth by a dental technician. While dentists can create excellent results they are limited by the material. Porcelain is much harder, has better esthetics, does not wear as easily over time and does not stain. Our office offers composite veneers only as a temporary solution for example in young teenage patients.

Q: How many veneers do I need? Do I need them on lower teeth?
A: This question is always answered during consultation with our team members. While there are no specific guidelines, we recommend that patient should cover the "smile line"-looking at the mirror smile wildly and count the number of teeth showing. That's how many veneers should be placed to see the smile transformation. To answer the latter question; one should speak while facing the mirror-if while talking the lower teeth are showing and you don't like their appearance then lower teeth veneers may also be recommended.

Q: Do you offer any warranty?
A: We work with leaders in dental technology and because of their commitment to excellence we can offer 5 year limited warranty on any porcelain fracture on conventional veneers and 8 year limited warranty on Durathin Veneers(patient must schedule recommended periodic maintenance and hygiene appointment to receive warranty). Please ask our dental professional for details

Q: Does dental insurance cover veneers?
A: Most cosmetic dental procedures including veneers are typically not covered by dental insurance.

Q: How can I afford veneers-they are very costly?
A: At Royal Dental Care we are proud to offer the highest quality care at affordable prices. In fact our fees for veneers are well below national average and we are very proud to announce that, however when considering veneers the treatment cost can easily reach thousands of dollars. To compensate for this we partnered with CareCredit and Springstone Patient Financing which provide affordable terms for patients. For details regarding financing please visit https://secure.springstoneplan.com .

Note from our doctors: If there are any questions you may have and still need a specific answer please contact our office at (847) 885-7645 to schedule a FREE consultation. Please mention "FAQ's in dental veneers" when talking to our receptionists. If all the lines are busy please try again-your questions are important. If you prefer to ask us by email then send your specific question to veneers@royaldentalcare.com we GUARANTEE 24 hour response.

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