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Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. It can take your smile from “blah” to fabulous in as little as an hour—YES it may take you longer to drive to work. At Royal Dental Care we offer patients variety of whitening products that we previously tested OURSELVES. We guarantee that these products are safe and effective—otherwise we would not use them. We offer the most popular whitening option available today: ZOOM whitening featured on TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Swan, and countless others.

Feel more beautiful by proudly displaying your whiter, younger smile—you deserve it!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a candidate for tooth whitening?
A: Almost anybody can be a tooth whitening candidate but if you had major restorative work with a lot of porcelain crowns or veneers then you may not receive any benefits from whitening.

You will benefit the most out of whitening, if you have any of these conditions:

  • stained teeth
  • just finished braces treatment
  • dark yellowing teeth
  • dark front tooth fillings

Click here to schedule your Zoom Whitening Appointment. We will recommend the most appropriate type of whitening product that will suit your needs.

Q: I have fillings on my front teeth, will they get whiter?
A: As a general rule any restorations will not whiten. If the filling is small then it will blend with the whiter tooth and won’t be very noticeable. If, however, the fillings are large and discolored then the recommendation from our team of doctors will be to whiten teeth first and then replace the ugly, old, and stained composites with newer, better performing, and lighter shade fillings.

Call (847) 885-7645 to find out if you are a good whitening candidate.

Q: Does bleaching or whitening damage teeth?
A: In short: NO—but let me explain. The teeth have naturally occurring stress lines and cracks. We can observe it on almost every tooth especially in older patients. These cracks are not very visible in normal light and on a darker tooth. Once you whiten your teeth you may notice certain imperfections, do not worry or attribute it to the whitening. You can only tell if you look at these with a magnifying glass.

Q: Does the whitening hurt?
A: Pain is a very relative term—what hurts one person may be just a small nuance to another. Having said that, the whitening has some post-operative sensitivity. We usually recommend post procedure pain medications that you would normally take if you had a headache. Within 24 hours the discomfort subsides completely. Some recent studies have shown that patients have less post whitening discomfort if they use sensitivity formula toothpaste like Fluoridex for at least two weeks before whitening. Request Fluoridex when scheduling your whitening appointment.

Q: How long will my teeth stay white after the procedure?
A: It depends…that’s right, it depends on a lot of factors; your initial tooth color, the amount of coffee, tea, red wine, sauces you ingest. As a general rule anything that will stain a white shirt will also darken your teeth… BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM THAT WE OFFER. With all in-office whitening procedures we provide a BONUS custom made whitening tray so you can maintain the beautiful pearly whites. So if you love coffee (we do too) you can have it and have a bright smile—don’t forget to call us for a whitening gel refill if you run out. Click here to order refills now!!!

Q: Does insurance cover whitening procedures?
A: Because the whitening is considered not a necessary procedure the insurance companies typically do not cover elective cosmetic procedures. Here at Royal Dental Care we work with patient financing companies to make your dream smile a reality. For more information regarding plans visit our patient info tab.

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