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Periodontal Treatments - NORRIDGE & SCHAUMBERG, IL

Understand the Facts About Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease is one of the leading health problems in the world, not to mention the #1 cause of tooth loss among adults here in the United States.

This bacterial infection may start out small, but untreated cases can quickly grow and wreak havoc for a person’s oral health and overall wellbeing – that’s why the Royal Dental Care team will address it as quickly as possible with dedicated therapy techniques. If you’re regularly experiencing bleeding gums or puffy/red oral tissue, don’t hesitate to contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Royal Dental Care for Gum Disease Therapy?

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Dedicated Deep Cleanings & Antibiotic Therapy

Scaling & Root Planing

This deep cleaning involves two distinct components. First, our team will start by removing bacterial buildup from above and below the gum line with special instruments (the “scaling” portion). Then, it will be time to address the tooth roots, which can develop rough surfaces that attract plaque over time. By performing root planing, we’ll gradually smooth them down to prevent further reoccurrences of infection and encourage the gum tissue to naturally reattach in place.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic therapy may be recommended as a helpful supplement to scaling and root planing. The medication is either applied directly to gum tissue or ingested orally – our goal is to continue eliminating dangerous bacteria from the mouth for days and weeks following your initial procedure, maximizing its chances of long-term success. Antibiotic therapy can even noticeably reduce the size of periodontal pockets!

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