Complete Your Smile with a Dental Implant

Losing a tooth is no laughing matter because your self-esteem was lost along with it.

Although it may only be a single tooth, it creates big changes in your life. Not only are you insecure about your appearance, but you also can’t eat certain foods anymore. Plus, there are oral health complications brewing beneath the surface. At Royal Dental Care, we can rebuild a close replica to what nature gave you using a dental implant. We have the latest solutions to replace missing teeth to enhance your quality of life.

What Are the Expectations For Receiving Dental Implants?

Single Tooth Replacement Options

Believe it not, there are several consequences of tooth loss that you can’t see from the surface. Your jaw isn’t stimulated in the area anymore because you’ve lost the root, so your bone slowly deteriorates. This makes your adjacent teeth drift out of position because they don’t have adequate support. This leads to alignment issues that can make it difficult to clean your teeth properly. As a result, you have a heightened risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As more time passes you may even lose additional teeth because you’ve lost too much bone.

Now, there are multiple options to fill the space of a missing tooth to slow or fully stop the complications. We offer two solutions to rebuild your smile.

Fixed Bridge

The most traditional treatment is a fixed bridge, which replaces the crown of the tooth. We take an impression of your mouth to recreate your lost tooth to fill the gap. It is held in place by reshaping your adjacent teeth to bond dental crowns over them. This provides a nonsurgical solution that lasts for an average of 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced, but you will need to permanently change healthy teeth.

Single Tooth Implant

A single tooth implant is the only treatment to replicate the entire tooth structure, including the root. An implant post is surgically placed into your jawbone to mimic the root. Over the next several months, your bone fuses to the post, allowing it to potentially remain in place forever. After your bone has healed, an abutment is placed on the post to connect your custom-made crown.

Benefits Of An Implant-supported Crown

A dental implant is the only prosthetic to replace the entire tooth. This allows it to provide exceptional benefits that aren’t possible with a traditional fixed bridge, including:

  • Over a 95% success rate to last for several decades.
  • Looks natural using all-ceramic material to restore your confidence.
  • Regain as much as 70% of your natural biting force to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Stimulates new bone growth to stop dental drift.
  • Improves oral health and reduces the risk of additional tooth loss.
  • Doesn’t alter healthy teeth.
  • Cost-effective and long-term solution.

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If you’re ready to improve your quality of life, we can help. We have the personalized solutions you need to replace your missing teeth. Contact our office today to see if you’re a candidate for dental implants.