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Virtual Smile Design – Schaumburg, IL

See for Yourself the Results of Your Treatment

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It’s normal to be nervous before beginning any kind of cosmetic dental treatment; after all, there’s always the risk that you could pay for a procedure and then end up dissatisfied when the results aren’t what you expected. With our virtual smile design system, we can give you a good look at what kind of transformations are possible for your mouth. After you see the results for yourself, you can feel completely confident when making decisions for your cosmetic treatment plan. To learn more about virtual smile design and how it can enhance your smile makeover in Schaumburg, call our team today to schedule a consultation at Royal Dental Care.

How Does Virtual Smile Design Work?

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During your appointment, we’ll take some pictures of your smile. We can then adjust these images as needed using specific software. As we discuss the possibilities of your treatment as well as your overall smile goals, we’ll change the photos to show what the teeth will look like after a particular procedure.

One advantage of virtual smile design is that it can give you a more active role during the planning phase of your smile makeover. You can bring pictures of celebrities or people you know to give us examples of what your dream smile looks like; you can then compare them to the images produced by the virtual smile design system to see whether or not you’d be happy with the outcome. And if you can’t make a decision on the day of your consultation, we can give you copies of the altered images that you can take home with you and show to people you can trust to give you helpful feedback.

When is Virtual Smile Design Used?

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Virtual smile design can be a useful tool any time you need to consider a treatment that will affect the appearance of your smile. This can include:

  • Cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental bonding, whitening, and gum recontouring.
  • Restorative procedures such as crown placement.
  • Orthodontic procedures such as traditional braces or Invisalign®.

In each of these cases, the virtual smile design cases can ensure that you’re well-informed about the proposed process so that you can make the right decision to fulfil your unique dental needs. We can even show you the results of multiple procedures so that you can explore all your options during a single visit.

Benefits of Virtual Smile Design

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Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy thanks to the virtual smile design system at Royal Dental Care:

  • There’s no need to use your imagination to see what we’re suggesting. We can simulate the results of treatment right in front of you so that you can avoid any unwelcome surprises later.
  • You can show the results to your friends and family in order to get their opinion. Alternatively, you can simply keep the images on hand so that you can carefully consider your options before moving forward with the process.
  • You can set your own expectations to a reasonable level; that way you’re more likely to be happy with the results.