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Emergency Dentistry

At Royal Dental Care, our team understands how frightening and inconvenient dental emergencies can be. We also know how much of a difference it can make for patients and families to already have a trusted oral healthcare team standing by who can accommodate them on short notice, which is what we strive for here in the Norridge and Schaumburg communities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance, whether you’re a reoccurring patient or brand-new to our dental offices.

Why Choose Royal Dental Care for Emergency Dentistry?

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With several highly skilled dentists on-staff, two convenient office locations, and a wide variety of specialty services and state-of-the-art technology available, Royal Dental Care is the ideal choice for patients in need of emergency attention. Your needs come first – no exceptions. That’s why we strive to accommodate severe dental injuries and toothaches as soon as possible, and often even on the same day as your initial call whenever possible. Our team will never ask you to wait days or weeks for relief!

Dental Accidents & Facial Trauma

Severe, smile-related injuries and trauma can occur anywhere – on the playground, during a big sports game, and even while running up the stairs at work for a meeting. If you’ve broken or completely knocked out a tooth, it’s important to remember that time is absolutely of the essence if you hope to preserve the damaged structure. That’s why our team urges you to pick up the phone and contact one of our practice locations right away. We can provide first-aid tips over the phone and arrange in-office emergency care ASAP.

Dental Emergencies Due To Oral Care Neglect

The other major type of dental emergency isn’t at sudden as an injury – in fact, its development can happen so gradually that many patients don’t even realize what’s happening until they wake up with a serious pain in the back of the mouth. These “toothaches” are likely the cause of an advanced infection, and our doctors will want to address the issue as soon as possible with dedicated therapy. We can also provide helpful oral hygiene instructions as needed so that patients and families are able to maintain stronger brushing and flossing habits at home and better avoid these types of situations in the future.

Root Canals

During root canal treatment, our team will carefully access the tooth’s inner pulp chamber and canal(s) with special instruments in order to remove diseased bacteria. Our goal is to prevent further decay and reduce the likelihood that further, more extensive restorative care will become necessary in the future. Despite this procedure’s “bad” reputation, don’t worry – today’s modern techniques and technologies have made it very comfortable and successful. Sedation dentistry is also available upon request!

Tooth Extractions

While extracting one or more natural teeth will never be our doctors’ first recommendation for patients in need, this service may become necessary in dire circumstances to improve someone’s health and wellbeing, such as when:

  • A tooth is suffering from advanced decay and cannot be successfully restored
  • A tooth has been traumatically injured
  • Orthodontic treatment is needed and there isn’t enough room left in the mouth to accommodate movement
  • A young patient’s “baby tooth” is causing problems for the development of the adult version and preventing a successful eruption

Sedation dentistry is available as needed to help patients feel genuinely relaxed throughout this procedure, and we will also start planning a high-quality replacement (if needed) right away so that any time spent without a complete, strong smile is minimized to the fullest extent possible.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are teeth that lie beneath the gums before appearing – or “erupting” – in early adulthood, typically between the ages of 16 and 25. Unfortunately, if wisdom teeth can erupt they may become compacted. This means that, even though wisdom teeth are erupting, there is little room in the mouth for them to do so. The wisdom teeth may then butt up against otherwise healthy molars. This can affect the molars and cause the wisdom teeth to come in crooked. To prevent this from occurring, many families decide to have their children undergo a wisdom teeth removal procedure.

At our offices, the wisdom teeth removal procedure is performed with the utmost care and attention. No matter what the age of the patient, we understand that undergoing this surgical procedure – regardless of how common it may be – is one that requires the support of a team of dental professionals.

At our dental office, we understand that each person has unique dental circumstances. This is why we strive to provide for all your dental needs at our single practice; so, we can be the professionals that best understand your dental health and can, therefore, best serve you.

Emergency Dentistry FAQ'S

We at Royal Dental Care want you to have the information you need to react appropriately to a dental emergency – as well as the knowledge on how to avoid it altogether! Here are some common questions regarding what you can do to try and save your tooth if the worst comes to worst, as well as how your can better protect your teeth from harm.

What Should I Do if a Tooth Falls Out?
You’ll need to do your best to preserve the tooth until you can get to the emergency dentist in Schaumburg. Find the tooth as quickly as possible. Always pick it up by the crown (the flat side that you chew with), not the root; otherwise you could end up damaging the tissue. Rinse the tooth off and try to put it back in the socket, then hold it in place with gauze. If you can’t put it back, keep it in a glass of milk, a saline solution, or in the space between gum and cheek. Do not use water.
What if I Break a Tooth?
Rinse your mouth out with salt water. A sharp or jagged edge can cut the inside of your mouth, so place a piece of dental wax on the broken area. A broken or chipped tooth doesn’t always hurt, but if it does, you can use over-the-counter pain medication to control any discomfort. Do not bite down on the broken tooth; only eat soft foods until your appointment.
Is a Toothache Always an Emergency?
Sometimes, a toothache is simply due to a piece of food stuck between your teeth; in these cases, you might be able to solve the problem by yourself with dental floss. Otherwise contact your dentist if the pain lasts for longer than a couple of days, is accompanied by symptoms such as fever or an ear ache, or causes swelling in the jaw.
How Can I Avoid Dental Emergencies?
Good oral hygiene – brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once, not eating too many sugary foods and so on – goes a long way towards avoiding emergencies caused by tooth or gum infections. To avoid physical trauma and injury to the teeth, avoid chewing on ice, popcorn kernels and hard candy that can cause cracks. Never use your teeth to open containers either; use scissors or a more appropriate tool. If you play sports, a mouthguard can be used to help mitigate the risk of injury. If you suffer from bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding), get a nightguard to prevent further weakening of the enamel.
What Should Be in My Dental Emergency Kit?
Your kit should definitely include the contact information for your dentist in Schaumburg. You should also include saline, gauze, a handkerchief, a small container with a lid, ibuprofen, dental wax, and a cold compress. Feel free to ask for other suggestions!

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